What is AI?

AI is a phrase that is being thrown around to describe most anything in business these days. However, what does it really mean?

“AI (artificial intelligence) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. These processes include learning (the acquisition of information and rules for using the information), reasoning (using the rules to reach approximate or definite conclusions) and self-correction.”

So, what can a real AI system do for you?

hardware set up diagram

Call Me Using AI

Our AI

We built in redundancy in all aspects of our infrastructure including multiple carriers, servers, and switches, in order to make sure you experience little to no down time.

With our infrastructure you are able to connect with more responders in less time than any other AI system on the market

Conversational AI

Many different types of AIs exist and each have their place. A very special type of AI is a conversational AI. These are systems that can understand what people say and respond accordingly. Our AI system uses a human voice of your choice (i.e. you or someone else) so that callers feel at ease as if they were talking to a real person on the phone.

This is the only AI system that allows you to use a personalized voice to truly connect with the patient.


Our long relationship with top tier carriers ensures that no matter how remote your incoming callers are, your calls will still go through. No tiers are blocked which ensures the best connection quality and more accurate results.


With AIs, age & experience really does matter. Our propriety AI has years’ worth of conversations under its belt. This ensures that our AI has an extremely accurate understanding and response to human interactions.

Benefits of AI

Hours and Capacity
AI works 24/7 which allows for more flexible hours for patients to make their appointments. It has the potential to eliminate wait times and thus reduce frustration due to hold.
Current Environment
With overwhelming number of calls coming into government agencies and too few agents to take calls, AI can help reduce the bottle-necking issues and keeps a consistent flow of traffic.
Normally in order to field the high volume of calls coming in from possible tests, a larger call centers would be required with many agents. During the current COVID-19 pandemic this is simply not possible. The use of AI receiving inbound calls helps to reduce interaction inside an office or call center.

How Do We Maintain the Safety of Data?

Security and Compliance
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