Implementation Overview

Details on how the hardware and software setups are implemented.

How is it possible for us to accept hundreds of thousands of simultaneous inbound calls? Why can’t other people do it and why would it take years to set up a similar system?

hardware set up diagram

Hardware Set Up Overview

The COVID Schedule Advantage

Virtual Booking Application

The virtual booking application is designed to make it easy for any patient to book an appointment. Whether it be over the phone using the AI phone platform or utilizing our web and mobile app to book their appointments.

Real Humans
Virtual agent prompts are recorded by real people in order to promote a trusting and colloquial tone.
Virtual agent intake script can be customized for specific messaging.
Multiple Languages
AI speech recognition platform supports multiple languages (i.e. Italian, English, French, and more.).
DTMF Support
Any languages not supported through the AI speech recognition platform can be supported through DTMF capabilities.
This is a scalable solution with the ability to handle millions of incoming calls simultaneously (structured for unlimited growth).
Robust qualification system utilizes a weighted system for symptoms.
Per Site Customizations
Qualification system can be configured to require per site customizations (i.e. qualifications, operational hours, patient-per-hour capacity, etc.)
Bookings based on patient’s geographical location with the ability for radius modification at any time enabling patient to search for local testing centers.
QR Code Creation
Booking system creates a unique QR code that is sent to patients on their mobile devices for efficient site check-in.
Booking system is short code approved to contact patients for appointment reminders including a call to action for patients to complete the webform.
Multi Platform
Scheduling is synched across multiple platforms to accommodate phone, web, and app bookings.
On Site Integration
The system is integrated with COVID Schedule onsite hardware and software systems for data and reporting.

Onsite Check-In Software and Reporting Portal

Onsite software utilizes a no-touch approach to limit patient interaction while streamlining the check-in process. The QR codes that are sent to patients via text when their appointment is confirmed can be displayed through a car window.

Patients can fill out and update their information within the application without having to relay information directly to the staff.

Integration Capabilities

The AI appointment booking application integrates seamlessly with the onsite check-in platform and reporting portal. Additionally, the system allows for data to be pushed to multiple end points (i.e. Department of health, laboratories, etc.) via a secure API.

Streamlining Testing Results

The COVID Schedule system can be integrated with lab software to direct patients to the lab patient portal for their test results. Additionally, testing results can be provided in a timely manner to patients through text messaging using approved short codes.


Full-service system reporting portal displays appointment, booked appointments, check-ins, walk-ins, and refusals. Sample reports include:

Call Reports

Number of incoming calls per hour, per day, per month.


Number of appointments.

Fill Out

Completion rates for patient forms.


Appointment attendance and arrival rates.


Comparison of appointments and walk-ins.


Patient test refusal rates.

Call Statistics


On Site Stats

Business Partners and Technology

OpenSIPs Logo
Carrier Grade Switching
Open Source SIP Switching with full redundancy.
Asterisk Logo
Custom Voice Nodes
Over 900 customized Asterisk installations to provide functionality required for virtual agents.
Bluemix Logo Azure Logo Lumenvox Logo
Speech Recognition
We primarily use IBM's Watson service but have multiple providers for fail-over.
IBM Cloud Logo Linode Logo
For simple hosting we use Linode and for critical data we use IBM in HIPAA compliant data centers.
SMS Messaging
We use Twilio for our short codes and their "super network".
We rely on industry titans Percona to secure and support our database infrastructure.

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