User Groups

Who would benefit from this software and hardware solution?

  • Government and municipalities using call centers.
  • Department of health and other agencies.
  • Hospitals and labs running sites.
  • Countries or municipalities that need a full solution.

Government and Municipalities Using Call Centers

During this time it may be hard to maintain the appropriate level of staffing call centers demand. Making matters worse, is the fact that a single test site can require hundreds of staff to be able to handle the load. Using our virtual agents makes this possible at a fraction of the cost.

Cost Savings
Substantial saving off current call center staffing.
AI has the ability for almost unlimited growth or expansion for more calls.
Real time reporting for calls, appointments, and arrivals

Department of Health and Other Agencies

Because we are able to manage the end to end process in a HIPAA compliet way we can provide data in real time to the departments that need it. This makes it posible to react in real time and gain insights that would be otherwise impossible to distinguish.

Realtime Data
Our systems provide you with realtime access to see demographics and plot spread through heat maps.
Streamlined Process Flows
We've worked diligently to speed up each step of the process using live drive thru testing sites.
We're able to integrate with existing APIs for LIS, EMR systems and legacy reporting environments. No more faxing results.

Hospitals and Labs Running Sites

One of the most important things for labs and hopsitals is making sure that the levels of efficiency are intact and that they are being used to capacity while optimizing the process flow. Through process optimization you can potentially double the capacity of existing systems.

Full Appointment Slots
COVID Schedule is here to makesure you are booking to your capacity. Using our system we can make sure the slots are full.
Complete Package
We have created a system that will go throught the whole process with you starting with the sceduling of appointments through the lab results.
Reschedule Testing
Integration with third party EMR systems makes it easy to reschedule follow up testing for both positive or negative patient results.

Countries or Municipalities That Need a Full Solution

COVID Schedule has a clear understanding of how to do efficient and safe work with minimal cost testing. We also understand the difficulties of having multiple departments and/or companies involved in a single site. Let us lay out the process for you in a simple step-by-step process so you can replicate what we've been able to achieve. We have minimized testing center wait times in a matter of days while increasing capacity and efficiency.

Testing Blueprint
We've worked with test sites from the beginning to help them get up and running. We now have a blueprint for it.
Training Package
We can provide full training packages to get medical staff up to speed using the system. This can all be done remotely.
Hardware Options
We have discount hardware options from large companies due to being able to purchase on behalf of multiple sites.

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