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We use virtual AI agents, web and app based booking, to keep test sites busy with location based distribution.

This replaces overcrowded call centers.
We send out appointment reminders to all patients so details are kept up to date.

This increases attendance rates significantly.
On Site System
On Site
A full suite of on-site management software streamlines the end-to-end process flow. Hardware and software integration helps to limit patient exposure though a no-touch solution.

Process Flow


Person Booking An Appointment Via Phone
Book Appointment

We provide 3 different ways to book:

Phone Call with Virtual AI Agent

Virtual AI agents means, no overcrowded call centers.


Simple to use from anywhere.

App For iPhone and Android

Phone and tablet supported.

Available on the go.


Phone Displaying QR Code
We Send a QR Code

Once the patient has booked themselves in for a test, we verify all relevent information has been filled out and then send them a QR code that can be used to check in the day of their appointment.


Call Center Member Reminding Patient About Appointment
Alerts and Reminders

We first contact patients when they book their appointment to confirm the date, time, and location of the appointment.

We then contact them 24 hours prior to their scheduled appointment to confirm details.

Lastly, we contact the patient 1 hour in advance to their appointment to make sure they have the QR code.


Phone Displaying QR Code
On Site Check-In

Upon arrival the QR code is scanned through the closed window of the car. This allows the staff to confirm that all details have been completed successfully.

If the patient doesn't have a QR Code they can text the system to pull up their details.

If any of the information is not completed, they are shown a message which allows them to completed their details on-site. Once done, they're sent to the next station. During this process, there has been no physical interaction.

Phone Displaying QR Code
Secure Data Exchange

Through close integrations with partners (and associated Business Associate Agreements), we are able to securely transfer data directly to the parties that need it.

Examples of this are EMR systems, LIS systems, state and county officials. This is done in a HIPAA compliant manner with customer permission and provides a seamless end to end system.

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